A Diva finds her FURever

Sometime it is hard to explain why some of our sweet danes stay with us longer. They will go on several match lists but never find their FURever home... always the bridesmaid never the Bride...

So it was with beautiful Ms Charlotte. This sweet Diva Dane was passed up because she was a teacup dane, she didn't "look" dane enough or simply lost out to another foster. Well anyone who passed up on this sweet girl missed out! When Charlotte met her prospective Foster mom she was typical Diva... sized her up, let her take her for a walk and give her some love... and that was it Charlotte decided this was it and we made it Official! So this weekend Ms Charlotte is living the life with her new FURever mom and these two pretty ladies are fast found friends. I think Charlotte will be the first to tell you that it was worth the wait to find the perfect FURever home.

I love when that happens.

Rising Above Great Dane Funding

Our previous adopters are eligible to apply for financial support if their Great Dane needs vet care that cannot be afforded due to economic hardship and extenuating circumstances; even if the adopters are outside of Rising Above’s coverage area.Rising Above Great Dane Funding | Facebook