Crazy May & FURever homes!

WOW is it Thursday already! What a crazy week it has been... we have taken in 8 dogs in 10 days and have two more in shelters waiting on foster space... we are crammed full and Summer has not even officially started. If you are a past foster home and considering starting again now would be a great time:) At least 4 are heartworm positive, 2 have specific medical needs, 1 had to have a "procedure" to clean out dead skin from a wound.. and I am afraid to look at the medicals on the others:) Someone wiser than me always says.. "It will all work out in the end!" but dang...

So how about some GREAT news! Even with all the intakes we were able to adopt THREE FURever homes last weekend... wooo hoooo! So in no particular order...

Ricky!!! This dude came to GDRNT HW positive and suffering from a nasty PERSISTENT upper respiratory infection. His loving foster family would not be defeated and after numerous trips to the vet, the pharmacy and some sleepless nights Ricky is AWESOME! You could tell he was feeling better because his personality totally shined! Ricky is a loving, silly young dude who has no idea how big he is and found the perfect FURever home to keep up his training and love him FURever! WOOO HOOO

Second time is a charm! Artemis came back to rescue because her adopted FUR siblings were not adjusting to having a roommate! So she found herself back in rescue.. This time not only are the humans thrilled to have her but her FUR sibling is over the moon to have a playmate! These two not only have a blast playing they rest next to each other.. it is the cutest thing ever! This FURever family is active enough to make sure these two high energy FURkids get all the training and exercise they need!

Now this one is a little extra special to me. I have been working with a family with some sweet existing pups who were not sure they wanted a new FURsibling. It was going to take a very special dane for them to accept. Then came Cammy... Cammy came to us as an emergency release by a local shelter. She had been seriously injured and would die if she did not get immediate veterinary care.. after a hospital stay, two surgeries, lots of meds and even more love from her foster home, Cammy was ready for a FURever home. She will always have some special needs because of her injury and needs a family who was willing to take her on. This girl is so so very sweet and we had a hunch the dogs would accept her.. but would the humans be willing to take on a girl who had been so badly injured?

This is my favorite part: I called and went into great detail about what had happened, where she was in rehab and what her future needs would be. We talked about the other dogs and why it was a good fit temperament wise, but I kept coming back to her injury.. I wanted them to be informed. They never flinched or waivered... So it was up to the dogs... well we need not to have worried! It was amazing to watch how it was so meant to be, how all the dogs just accepted each other... BFF!

I cherish each adoption and it is the one thing about rescue that I never seem to grow weary of.. it is our TAH DAH! (visualize confetti!)

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