and They Lived Happily Ever After.

Lately is seems like we have had a disproportionate amount of special needs danes. Special Needs doesn't mean they are not rock star family members and cant' love a family. It generally means that you may need to do some things differently or make some accommodations. It could be a dog that simply needs ongoing medication such as allergies, or a physical impairment like deafness. This week to very special danes found their Fair Tail Ending.

Aria came to us listed as hearing impaired o but her foster family swears she can hear a treat hit the carpet from two rooms away! We may never know for sure how much she hears. What we do know is that it does not interfere with her day to day happy go lucky loving life. So this weekend she met her brand new FURever family and they instantly fell in love with her beautiful spirit and loving heart. Aria quickly took to her new fursibling and knew how to charm her new humans. No doubt her foster family was sad to see her go, but they did such a great job anyone would have fallen in love. So a big YIPEEE YAHOOOO and congrats to Aria and her new family.

Sometimes special needs are due to a hard life prior to rescue. When we accepted Avery into our program from a rural shelter we were told she was five years old and in bad shape.. some of that was true. She was showing the tell tale signs of neglect typically associated with over breeding. She was too skinny and her body moved with the stiffness of the unoiled tin man. Once in a loving foster home she recovered quickly and the personality of this grand dame melts the hearts of all she encounters.

A few things are very clear, Avery, physically was much older than her alleged five years, her heart is full of life, she has the best "smile" and she is amazingly incapable of holding a grudge for how she was forced to live for too long. Avery will dance at the site of a leash and while she is not breaking any speed record, she enjoys every drop of sunshine on her trek. This sweet girl has never met a heartbeat she does not like.. big dog, little dog, kitty, kid or soul. We knew Avery would need a FURever home that could see beyond the physical and into this loving generous heart, as much as her foster home.

When an application comes in specifically asking for a senior.. you want to believe they are special loving home. They know they may not have as many years together but the time they share will be filled with the love they missed out on. It is as if these older dogs save their love and only open the full can on those truly deserving. Last weekend Avery met such a FURever home. She is now living the life of luxury with two small dogs who adore her and an extended family to fulfill her every need and want. So for Avery her Happy Ever After may have taken some time but this princess has found her castle.

And they all lived happily ever after. (insert Disney castle and fireworks)