2013 is off to a Rocky Start...

I have tried to keep my danemail emails and blogs positive and as a way to share all the great things that happen at GDRNT. I do not want every communication to be a sad tale, a heart tug or plea. However 2013 is not even two months old and we have been hit harder than I could have thought possible. As many of you may have noticed we have had an insane amount of intakes since the first of the year. So far in 2013 we have had over 20 shelter requests that we have accepted. We have not said NO to a single shelter request as far back as I can remember. A few of those requests never got to us because they were claimed by owners or adopted by the shelter. Since the first of the year we have taken in 16 danes, that is 16 lives saved in 7 weeks. As of today we have tagged two more in area shelters, if left unclaimed by their owners they will be coming to foster care.

These numbers are not unusual and as a board we are becoming too accustomed to juggling the intake numbers. What none of us could prepare for were TWO ER visits, a severe URI, a badly broken tail and a sweet dane hit by a car. Since the first of the year we have spent almost $6,000 in emergency veterinary care, and are committed to approximately another $2,000 to a sweet girl who will need surgery as soon as she is healthy enough. Keep in mind this is in addition to our usual $3,000 to $5,000 of predictable veterinary expenses for spay/neuters, vaccinations, heartworm prevention and routine veterinary care. We routinely see mild respiratory issues, demodex, heartworms and happytail for treatment. ON average it costs us approximately $700 per dog in veterinary services (our adoption fee for most dogs is $235). This is with generous discounts provided by our fabulous veterinarians.

Divas Dudes and Danes and resurgence of DaneFest have afforded us the luxury of being able to budget out a fiscal year, our upgraded accounting software allows us to track veterinary costs and do some basic financial planning. We have a generous donor who has pledged to cover one ER bill but even with that we are strained.

In the next week you will be getting information about Raffle Tickets and registration information for DaneFest. If everyone who sees this sold at least $100 worth of tickets we could not only pay the pending emergency bills but also rebuild our emergency fund and perhaps pad it a little deeper. If you are planning on coming to Danefest register early and invite friends. We will be Raffling off $1,000 worth of Visa Gift cards so it will be easy for your out of town friends to buy tickets and for the card to be mailed if they win. When you see the information please forward it to your family and friends.

Long term there is "free money" ways to help. These are things that do not cost you anything but can add up for GDRNT:
Marriott Points can be converted to charitable Donations! Marriott Points website has a way that you can donate your points to GDRNT.

Goodsearch.com Each time you surf the web GDRNT can get money! Shop with them and even more donations! Click Goodsearch.com and simply search the web as you already do and each click adds up for GDRNT.

Shop at Alberstons? Simply buying your groceries can add up for GDRNT! Albertsons Community Partner. Ask us for a scan card or use our number 490010 15878!

Ink/Printer Cartridges! Save your used cartridges and donate them to GDRNT at an event and we can get credit!

old Phones, iPods, iPads working or not! There are many buyback programs that donate extra to charity... donate your old device (working or not) and we will convert it to cash for Rescue!

Buy Scentsy! We have a rep who will donate 20% of your purchase when you use this link to order Scentsy for GDRNT

To all our volunteers, donors, supporters and friends I say a heart felt THANK YOU for all you do without you we could not do any of this.

Rising Above Great Dane Funding

Our previous adopters are eligible to apply for financial support if their Great Dane needs vet care that cannot be afforded due to economic hardship and extenuating circumstances; even if the adopters are outside of Rising Above’s coverage area.Rising Above Great Dane Funding | Facebook