When Big Companies Support Good Causes

National advertises making a commitment to rescue animals. A few years back I met Paige Anderson (who is also devoted to rescuing). Paige is the driving force behind BEAST Agency which represents animal talent for all mediums. BEAST has cast animals for many national retailers including local National Retailer JCP. Paige's dedication to rescue animals has spread over to her client base, specifically JCP. Mocha has worked for Paige in the past and done some small "professional" jobs here and there. So on a warm December Day in Dallas off we went to meet Paige and the people from JCP and....
OK I know this doesn't look like work but it took over 3 hours and they had her do all sorts of stuff. I think they took a gazillion photo's of her doing all sorts of things! If they only knew how little "modeling" she had to do for this shot:) Paws crossed, but it looks like JCP will continue to use rescue dogs in their advertisement campaigns! What great way to promote pet adoptions! A great big THANK YOU to JCP and to BEAST for giving RESCUE dogs a chance to shine and let the world know how great rescue pets are!

Mocha in March JCP circular

Rising Above Great Dane Funding

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