What is "shelter shock"? or the Power of HUGS

Part of this job I hate is the time I have to spend in local Animal Shelters. Safe to say all here at GDRNT spend more time in shelters in one week than most people get in several lifetimes. The biggest heartbreakers are the ones suffering from what I call "shelter shock". Usually these are a animals that most likely lived in homes and knew some love, have never known aanything but the confines of a crate or pen, or have never experienced a loving hand. These animals shake and cower in the farthest corner of their shelter kennel, they may urinate in fear, growl or show teeth in terror or simply shut down.

On death row this little dog exemplifies the worst of cases. Fortunately for this little one a volunteer saw past the fear and took a chance. Never underestimate the power of a simple kindness, of a gentle touch or a HUG.

Danes are not immune to "shelter shock" their size presents a different challenge and it takes an experienced hand to safely evaluate so nobody is hurt. Results can be just as amazing... each of our foster homes provide the patience, caring and HUGS to our fosters so that when they go to their FURever homes they are experienced HUGGERS.

The video is hard to watch at the beginning but stick with it... it is worth it..



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