This weekends FURever homes go to..

It has been a busy week for rescue.....and I have been bad about FURever home updates so this week FURever homes went to:

ROXY! Roxy came to rescue skinny and needing surgery for a bad cherry
eye. Her loving foster home cared for her and tended to her eye.
Today she found her FURever family and is home. A special Thank you
to Lauren for loving her and making today happen.

This one has been long waiting... but Miss Cupcake found her FURever
home. We usually do not have puppies stay as long as she has, however
Cupcake had been on adoption meeting but never found her FURever
home... well Friday we figured out why... she had just not met them
yet... She arrived at her FURever home, jumped out of the car and poof
she was home. She has found a FURever home with a retried couple with
tons of rescue dane experience! She is going to be spoiled as a young
Diva Dane should be. A special THANK YOU to Stephana and Steve for
loving her and making this possible.

So the next one is a pup most of you have never heard of... about a
month ago we got a call about a deaf and partially blind 4 month old
puppy. As you can imagine this sort of pup needs a very experienced
and dedicated FURever home. Well it just so happened that a past
adopter/foster home with both puppy, and deaf dane experience had
contacted us about adopting a young puppy. So they had been approved
and were on hold awaiting just the right match... they were prepared
to wait.... Since all our usual puppy foster homes were full I
contacted them when this puppy in need came to us. Without hesitation
this foster stepped up and took Flynn into their home, well yesterday
we made if official and Flynn is now in her FURever home and a sweet
happy puppy.

and the weekend is not over yet... so paws crossed!

And as always a very special THANK YOU to all of our volunteers,
donors and supporters.