too long since my last post...

WOW has it been since Jan 1! We have been so busy here at GDRNT I have neglected posting... It is not for a lack of things to write about! We did hit a HUGE milestone at GDRNT this weekend. Our long time friends Don & Lynn did a marathon (can you say 4 hours) transport bringing us dane numbers 1400 and 1401! What that means is in the last 11 years GDRNT has had 1,401 danes come into our program, 1,401 veterinary visits and foster homes. It also has taken a ton of money, an army of volunteers, countless hours and then more hours, millions of logged miles, too many shelter visits, and some very big hearts.
While I very much want to think in the not too far off future there will be no need for rescue, I am willing to bet TEAM GDRNT will be here for the next 1401 danes. It is only possible because of each of you. SO a huge THANK YOU to all our fosters, volunteers and supporters.

still waiting
still waiting
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