Today's FURever Home Goes to...

(Click to read more!) Generally we have a horrible track record adopting out mixes.... people come to us to adopt Danes. We do not DNA test but there are enough features and qualities in our dogs for them to be Danes. Dozer is obviously not all dane.. but he does have the best qualities of a dane and whatever he is mixed with. His name describes him well! This uber sweet young dude is a bit of a bull Dozer and needed a home who would work with his energy and size. Safe to say he hit JACKPOT! His new family has large dog experience, a big yard AND obedience training experience! They have older kids who are dog savvy and love him already! Truly the perfect match! So CONGRATS Dozer on your FURever Home. Those of you who have followed along may think.... only one FURever home ???? I wish it were not so and that I had more to announce but we are noticing a sad trend in rescue. Too many of the dogs coming into Rescue are requiring extensive medical care. As always over 97% of the dogs that come to us are heartworm positive. Changes in treatment protocol and scarcity of medication have skyrocketed the costs associated with treatment. Combine this with the fact that the new protocol also requires a longer hospital stay, additional medications and a longer treatment period and you have the perfect storm. The fact that Heartworm Disease is almost 99% preventable makes me nutz. We are also seeing a huge increase in other preventable disease. Not only is there a huge increase in the number of tick and flea bourn disease, but we are also seeing disease not generally found in Texas. Then there are those easy to treat when treatment is sought out early.... mange is just one example.
Add on top of this an increase in the amount of life threatening upper respiratory infections, injured legs, necessary eye surgery and..... UGGHHHHHH . I loose sleep over worrying about the money but like so many of our fosters I loose more sleep worrying about our danes and praying for the humans responsible.
So along with a huge THANK YOU to Dozer's foster home I also THANK anyone who helps by fostering, volunteering, donating or supporting GDRNT.