Toby & Ava! FURever Homes!

So glad to announce some of our FURever homes! Adoption days are still some of my favorite! These two are FURever home but don't be surprised if you see them out and about!

TOBY came to rescue skinny but holding no grudge. He came to rescue and was happy go lucky from day one! His foster home took great care of him and saw him through his weight gain and heartworm treatment. When it came time to adopt him they knew as much as they loved him their work as a foster family was not done so Toby is now in a fabutastic FURever home with a doggy sibling and a family that simply adores him. The only surprise is how fast he decided he was home and has fit in like he has always been there!

Ava came to rescue with a nasty upper respiratory infection that many of the dogs come to us suffer from. She was soo soo very sick but her foster family took such amazing care of her and loved on her so much they could not let her go! So Ms Ava will stay in her foster home as a FURever dane and be a foster sibling to other danes to assist in their rehab. A win win for all... we keep a great foster home and Ava gets a loving FURever home.

Each of these dogs came to rescue in need of expensive veterinary care that was provided by our AWESOME vets at discounted prices but even with our discounts each of these danes medical bills approached $1,000! That is only two of the many danes in our program! Adoption donations cover only a small portion of a danes medical expenses. GDRNT is 100% privately funded by generous folks who give from their hearts. Every donation helps no matter the size! If you can give please click the donate button in the top right hand corner!

As always a huge thank you to all our fosters, volunteers and supporters for making FURever stories happen!