Santa's Came Early for Bianca!

Not everyone can appreciate the benefits of adopting a senior. Too often they loose out at adoption meetings to a younger dog because people are afraid their time together will be too short. What people fail to see in that greying face is the love of a seasoned soul. Most senior danes are what I like to call "move in ready"... show them the bowl, the yard and the bed and they got the routine down. Generally there is no potty training, they already have leash walking down and know the difference between trash and toys. They are quick to learn without the distract-ability of a puppy. All they want is to be loved and to love you back. Some adopters are willing to trade the years to have a seasoned move in ready FURever love.

As of this morning one adopter has adopted his third senior. While I know he wishes he had more time with his first two the time he did have was cherished and so special that he did it a third time. His danes are lucky they get to go to the office every day, the lake on the weekends and evening walks around the duck pond.

Bianca has moved in and made this place home. She has already fallen in love with her FURever dad and knows she is safe and loved perhaps for the first time in life. She has the maturity to know a true loving FURever home when she sees it. She has earned this special home, the fancy beautiful collar, the soft bed and people to adore her all day. Even the mailman. Bianca "lights up" when she sees her FURever dad and it is hard to tell who is happier. So today Christmas came early for Bianca and her FURever dad.

Congrats to Bianca and her FURever home! And as always a huge thank you to those who fostered, transported or donated to make today happen.

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