Recent FUR ever homes!

Things around GDRNT have been busy busy busy! But don't let that fool you because two of our sweet girls fourn FUREVER HOMES recently! YIPEEE !

Adele came to us emaciated. Literally skin and bones. Her story is documented in her video HERE Her transporter named her Adele because he wanted her to have the same healthy look! In spite of her horrid condition this girl was so happy and loving. She is now in a fabutastic FURever home who loves her as much as this girl loves them. It never ceases to amaze me how an abused animal can leave all the horror behind and love with all their heart!

Sweet Ginger is another young girl who has never met a heartbeat she didn't like! Young and ready to get on with her FURever home her foster mom worked hard to get her ready to go! Now Ginger is in her FURever home and loving life!

Each adoption is the result of hard work, love of foster family, and money donated by our caring supporters. A huge THANK YOU to everyone who works so hard so we can save more danes from area shelters!