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The first is one near and dear to so many of our hearts. DeeDee stole our hearts when she was running feral in rural Colin Co. A small team of volunteers worked with Animal Control and spent many hours, gas, and bug spray trying to gain her trust, feeding her, and bring her to safety. When we did finally get custody she was in very bad shape. Her time on the run has left her with multiple medical issues and a hard time trusting people. After a long stay at the Foster home we made it official and DeeDee is no longer a foster but in her FURever home. Congrats to Dee Dee and her foster/FURever family for making it official!

J.R. came to rescue about 4 months old and very sick. Not only did he have a respiratory infection and demodex he also had HOD. HOD is a nutritionally based developmental problem caused by poor nutrition in puppies. His loving foster home worked with our vet to get his diet on track and in time has fully recovered from this painful condition. HOD is reversible when caught early and treated, but it is painful and recovery takes time. This weekend J.R. found his furever home with a repeat adopter who loves him and will not just spoil him but also provide the training every young dane needs! A special THANK YOU to his foster mom and her family for loving this guy and making him well!

Sasha is a very young lady with lots of energy! She found her furever home with a family who has another dog to play with and lots of love and attention to give! She is doing so well and her foster family worked so hard to get her ready for this next step! Yipeee

A past adopter was ready to make another FURever commitment after the crossing of their last dane. Chloe was a perfect match for this family and they LOVE her....

Whew, what a busy weekend... we have several new danes I am going to try to get up on the Dane Avail Page in the next two days so stay tuned!

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