Meet Sweet Abilene

It was about two weeks ago that we got a call for help for an emaciated deaf female dane at a small shelter. Animal control had picked her up as a stray and it appears she had been on the streets for quite some time. Abilene knows the leash means she gets to go somewhere and knows her way around a house so she had to have belong to someone!!! After efforts to find her owners came up empty and her stray hold was up the shelter contact GDRNT. Once with GDRNT Abilene went straight to the veterinarian. Estimated between 3 and 4 years old this sweet girls body shows some wear and tear from her time on the streets with not enough food her spirit is amazing!
This sweet girl is a social butterfly. She loves everyone and other dogs! Even though she is deaf, she loves to talk to you and nuzzle up for some loving. Because she is deaf she is very alert and likes to keep an eye on things. She is potty trained and has no issues going in her crate. She eats in her crate and sleeps there at night with no issues. Abilene has is good with small children and small dogs. Her loss of hearing and not decreased her zest for life or her ability to love. She is a great combination of dog bed potato and playful companion!
Time will tell if there will be any long term effects from her emaciation but one thing we know for sure is that Abilene's joy is contagious! Stay tuned for more updates on Abilene!

Abilene's first day in Rescue
Abilene after one week
silly smile