Lessons from the 'Mushing Mortician'

I generally do not follow the Iditarod Dog Sled Race, but one story from this years race will touch the heart of anyone ever to love a dog. There is also a good lesson for any pet owner. Scott Janssen, know as the "Mushing Mortician" was making his way down a steep section of the Dalzell Gorge when his dog, Marshall, collapsed, presumably dead. “I was sobbing,” said Janssen, who began a kind of mouth-to-snout CPR – compressing the husky’s chest and breathing into his nose. “I really love that dog.”
The musher spent the next few crucial minutes attempting a kind of dog rescue technique taught to him by his race trainer, Janssen tucked the dog’s tongue into its mouth and held the mouth closed. “I had my mouth over his nose, breathing into his nose as I was compressing and rubbing his chest, trying to work the air out,” Janssen said. After what seemed like an eternity but was likely no more than five minutes, Janssen talked to the dog, he said. “I’m like c’mon dude, please come back.'”

“And he did.” The dog suddenly hacked a breath, Janssen said. To Read more and see an interview with Janssen click here: http://community.adn.com/?q=adn/node/160134

In an emergency a experience veterinarian is your best option, and you must seek it immediately. However when Vet care is not immediately available this may be an option. http://www.healthypet.com/PetCare/PetCareArticle.aspx?title=Pet_CPR gives step by step instructions on pet CPR.

There are also several video's on line. I thought this one did a pretty good job of explaining it

And believe it or not there is an APP for that too: http://www.pettech.net/index.php this APP provides basic Pet First Aid Info.

Again none of this can take place of Veterinary care but it is good info to have.

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