Last Will and Testament of a Dog

Everyone grieves in their own way. Frequently when talking with someone who has lost a pet they swear never again. Never again will they feel te grief of loosing a beloved pet. I try to remind them that also means they never again will come home to a wagging tail, feel a velvet snout on their shoulder, or enjoy a day with a joyfull furry friend. Someone recently posted on Facebook a Last Will of a Dog. I think it says it better than I ever could. The author is listed as Anonymous but I am pretty sure it is taken from Eugene O'Neil. In the early 1940s, famed playwright Eugene O'Neill wrote a moving piece of prose about his dog, Silverdene Emblem O'Neill (Blemie). In The Last Will and Testament of an Extremely Distinguished Dog, O'Neill eloquently and compassionately articulates what all dog owners feel as their pet nears the of its life.

“A Dog’s Last Will and Testament” (Author anonymous)
When humans die they prepare a will in order to leave their home and everything they own to all those they love.
If I were able to write I would also make out such a will.
To a poor, lonely, full of longing stray I would leave my happy home, my food bowl, my cozy bed, my soft pillow, my toys and the beloved lap. The gently stroking hand, the loving voice, the place I had in someone’s heart and the love which, at the end, will help me towards a peaceful, painless end while being held in loving arms.
And when I die, then please don’t say:
“Never again will I have a dog, the loss is much too painful.”
Find yourself a lonely, unloved dog and give it my place in your heart.
That is my bequest. The love I leave behind is all that I have to give.

Austin who gave us 14 years of devotion and love