Jacque... How it happened... How you can help.

Many of you have followed Jacques updates on his profile and have asked how me how his snout got so damaged. Honestly I have hesitated to share the details as they are not nice, and because I have been unable to tell the story with out being "bleeped". However the thing that makes Jacques story unique is that we know what happened to him prior to rescue and he carries his scars from that life in the open. Each of our danes has a story and when possible we must be their voice.

As you can imagine I talk to a ton of veterinary clinics, not often do I pick up the phone and hear a tremor in the voice of a Veterinarian. The voice of the specialist who treated Jacque was slow, controlled, deliberate and audibly shaken. Unsure of how I would take the news he prepared me for the details. The radiologist stopped counting when he reached 20 fragments in film. Aside from a few bone pieces Jacques snout was full of what is believed to be bird shot. It is contained to the snout and left his brain cavity and eyes virtually un touched. It is a miracle he survived let alone remained a happy playful pup. The bottom line is that someone shot this young puppy in the face at near point blank range with a bird gun. Plain and simple.

Jacque was the third dog that week to have an injury sustained by a gun. While the other two injuries were minor in comparison, it simply does not take away from the fact that a human intentionally shot them. A puppy at point blank and two others from quite a distance as they ran away.

I do not enjoy sharing this and much prefer to send out TAILS of FURever homes, but adoption fees do not even begin to cover the cost of care on the simplest danes, let alone the special cases. Next month we host our second biggest fundraising event of the year. Danefest and Raffle provide us with a large portion of our annual funding (and a rip roaring good time!) This is a great way for you to help GDRNT save more danes and help your friends get a chance to win $1,000 Apple Store Gift card! So keep an eye out for ticket sales or contact us directly at contact@danerescue.net and we will be sure you get your tickets.

For those of you who have not seen Jacques updates:
UPDATE! The Good News and the Bad News The Good News READY FOR A FUREVER HOME! The Good news! We did not wait to have all the costs covered and scheduled Jacques CT scan. No surprise but this dude won over all the staff at the clinic in a heartbeat! The Doctors reviewed his scans, tests and cultures and his condition is NOT life threatening and he will continue to be an happy dude! His condition does not seem to cause him pain and he should live a happy long life. THE BAD News... There is no surgical way to correct the damage done to Jacques snout and face. While he is not in pain he is likely to suffer from chronic sinus infections that will require regular rounds of antibiotics and maybe other medications. He will also always snore like a freight train:) MORE GOOD NEWS.. the medications for Jacque that we are using are relatively inexpensive for most dane owners and as long as his FURever home keep on top and in front of any possible infection he will do fantastic. Jacque is such a sweet boy who has already had a very hard time in his short life, he deserves a great FURever home who will love him and give him the loving life he deserves! Sweet Jacque came to rescue with a partially healed facial wound. It is hard to know for sure what happened to this sweet boy but the result is cronic sinus infections and a partial obstruction to his breathing. It is unclear if anything can surgically be done to get him some relief, but the only way to find out is with an expensive CT Scan. This boy is potty and crate trained, good with children, small dogs and other big dogs! His injury has not dampened his LOVE of live! While he snores like a big dog he has the heart of a pup and loves to play. To help donate to cover the cost of the CT scan visit danerescue.net

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