Happy FURever After!

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WOW I have been bad! Truth be told we have been so busy in rescue lately I have not had much time to sit down and make the Happy announcements! Everyone loves a Happy FURever After Story! So here are a few:
Hampton the Ham! This dude had HOLLYWOOD looks and charm. He came to rescue as part of a seizure by a local Animal Control and was a bit of a wild child, but he caught on quick to the Good Life in his foster home and finally found his FURever family!
Vanna the Diamond in the Ruff! When Vanna got to her foster home she was terrified of her own shadow. She sought the comfort of her crate and spent her days seized in terror over the smallest thing. She spent many months in her foster home learning to trust humans, getting accustomed to household noises, and gaining the social skills she would need in the "real world". Well once she caught on boy did this girl SHINE! She has found her FURever family with a cocker sibling and now begs to go on her evening walks around the golf course! I never thought she would be such a sweet social girl but she has found the perfect FURever family!
Sweet Maggie May. Didn't stay long with her foster home because she was ready and anxious to go to the perfect FURever home. Some dogs are able to leave the baggage of their previous life at the Shelter door and never look back. Maggie was one of those girls who loved her foster family but was ready for her Fairy Tail FURever Ending. So Maggie has found her Cinderella castle with a great Family!
Oliver. like Maggie Oliver loved his foster home and playing with the other danes there but he knew moving on to his FURever home meant opening a foster space for another dane in need. Oliver got his manners together and moved on to his fabutastic FURever home where he is just the same happy go lucky dude!
Savanna the Southern Belle. The picture of the Southern Belle, sugar and spice and everything nice! This young lady never met a heartbeat she couldn't win over with the bat of an eye and wag of the tail! She knew how to charm them all! And like all good Southern Belles she has found her FURever Happy Ever After with a family who adores her!

Whew! I think that is everyone! Paws crossed more to come! A