FURever and Ever...

Joey came to rescue with a nasty nasty case of Shelter crud that presented itself as a dangerous upper respiratory infection... so with lots of love and medication his dedicated foster home got him well and ready for adoption. Not all our danes would be cool with three very very active loving boys under 6 but that Joey LOVED all the attention!  He ate up the little ones attention and was unphased by the constant motion that comes with children of that age.  Joey let the two year old walk him around and patentily watched while the boys showed him how they jump on the trampoline. He will have a stay at home mom and a dad who is smitten!  Soon he will have a new house with a HUGE yard to share with the boys.

YIPPEE  A huge thank you to Joey's foster family for taking such good care of him and driving 1/2 way across texas to make this happen.  I know today was bitter sweet for them as adoption day can be for foster families, but their giving spirit has already asked for their next foster.

And as always Thank You to everyone who helps GDRNT no effort, prayers or donation is too small to help make a difference.