Fostering... What it means to safe the life of a dane

We had a great volunteer offer to update our brochures and I asked some of our dedicated fosters for their thoughts on Fostering for "quotes" for the Brochure... One of our long time, dedicated rock star fosters wrote this and I had to share it with you... it says it so much better than i ever could... This week we took in Dane number 1422, that means 1,422 danes have come thruough our program in the last 11 years. That is 1,422 lives made better, 1,422 foster spots, and 1,422 vet bills of Great Dane proportion. Adoption fees cover a small amount of what we spend and donations make up the balance.... Money is always an issue but NONE of it would be possilbe without loving foster homes. It is not always easy and some are a bigger challenge than others... but what you gain from it....

Why I Foster...
I love dogs, big dogs, small dogs, red dogs, blue dogs, I have not met a dog that i did not like, some that i wasn't too sure about, or that got on my nerves with their constant barking (like my Son's American Eskimo), but all in all I like them all.

For anyone that loves dogs and has walked the alleys of a shelter and seeing the faces of the lost, the frightened, the given up on, and the uncomprehending, understands the first draw of being a foster.

I don't claim to be a dog whisperer, i simply consider myself to be a dog person. I have the personality, given enough time, to get any dog to like me and trust me. Bringing a dog into our pack (we currently have four dogs) and watching that dog get comfortable with me and around me is one of my simple pleasures of fostering.

Fostering also allows me to be a part of the process that takes those lost and frightened animals from a shelter to a loving home. I won't say that a foster's part is easy and heartbreak free, from house breaking a dog that has never been allowed indoors, to putting up with the loss of sleep as you train a dog to sleep in a crate when it doesn't want to be in there, and all of the myriad of other lessons that have to be taught and leaned for a dog to become a pet. And in the end, when someone chooses that dog to be part of their family, there is a part of me says (that lies) to me, that they will never be as good to that dog as i can be. I know there have been many of my fosters that we considered adopting, but if we adopted every foster that came through our home, that we cared for, loved on, and worried about... sooner than later we would run out of room for any more. As it is we have four that we have adopted, but we have helped probably 20 or more go from being on a list for euthanasia to someone else's heart and home.

Day 1 of Rescue
Look at her right before adoption !