Even when I am away....

The FURever homes keep coming! I was hoping to be able to update from vacation but when they say limited internet they are not kidding! Our adoption team has been ROCKIN and Three FURbabies found FURever homes while I was gone! We have the best Adoption Coordinators who work so hard to find the best matches for our approved Applicants.

Honestly I am surprised that this first dude stayed with us as long as he did! Hampton is a sweet young guy who just wanted to wait for the perfect family for him! Well it was love at first sniff! It was hard to find a home he would love more than his foster family but now Hampton is in his FURever home with a family who adores him as he deserves. WOOO HOOOO Hampton!

Our next young gun to find FURever love is Logan! Logan came to rescue with large open wounds under his neck, on his face, head and well just about everyplace. While we have no idea how he got that way, once he found his way into a loving foster home he healed up fast, got to a good weight and his personality shined! Logan's foster families loved him to health and then loved him enough to let him go to the perfect FURever home! Way to Go Logan!

The last one is a little extra special to me. Miss Vanna came to rescue a very very shy scared sweet girl. She was afraid of everything and would seek the solitude of her crate for comfort, only the comfort didn't really come. Vanna was afraid of her own shadow, people , other dogs and just about anything. Adoption meetings were so hard because she was so very very slow to trust strangers it was hard to see past her fear. Once again one of our loving foster homes would not give up and kept working with her to build her confidence and help her to learn to trust humans. It took some time but Miss Vanna has arrived and is so excited to have found her FURever home! Her new family is perfect and they are all in love!

Did you notice something? Each of these adoptions, like all of our adoptions, are the result of hard work and love of our foster homes. Without them we could not do what we do. Because of our foster homes we have not had to leave a dane on death row in a shelter, we have been able to take the previously discarded and let them shine. A huge Thank you to each of our Foster Homes!