Dog set fire in Dallas aka some people stink

You have heard me say that the best job in rescue is adoption day, well here Is an example of the stuff I hate! Some days opening our email is enough to make my eyes roll, stomach turn and blood boil.

Last week the rescue talk was of a puppy found badly burned but alive. It was about a year ago that the rescue community lost a dog who suffered a too similar a fate. How could this happen again? Emails flung looking for a miracle and fast arrest. The 4 month old puppy was named Justice and is doing well, all thing considered but, as of now no arrest has been made. Today the details became public and I have to wonder if anyone will now come forward with information that will lead to an arrest... Here is a link to the full story:

While GDRNT has not had a high profile case such as Justice we see our fair share of cruelty. In the last year we have had 4 dogs with severe life threatening mange and secondary infection, one puppy with a leg broken in five pieces, numerous emaciated Danes, lots of heart worms, one puppy shot at point blank range in the snout (still no idea how Jacque survived that) , one thru and thru bullet wound, and two others with healed bullet wounds with bullets still in them. Our vet bills run easily into several thousands of dollars each month.. .... I wish I could tell you our situation is unique, that we are the only rescue who sees such things, but we are one small, all volunteer, 501C rescue in a field of many good groups.

I understand there may be bigger wrongs in the world but what does it say when we can't hold accountable those who could do such a thing......

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