Are you prepared?

Yesterday the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex was hit by devastating tornadoes. It is a amazing that nobody was killed, as complete neighborhoods are wiped out. Early warnings and good emergency plans no doubt played a role in the everyone surviving and so few seriously injured. One of our awesome foster families was in the path of the devastation and while their home sustained minor damage, many of their neighbors homes are gone or un-inhabitable. The Foster mom was home alone with her foster dog and personal dog when the tornado hit and her story left me chilled. (they are all shaken up but fine) Her story is frightening, and while everyone is fine it left me wondering.....
With seconds to get into their tornado safe place under the stairs of her home, she grabbed the little dog but her dane would not budge or go into the closet. As the tornado approached and the dane not willing to move she had to take cover. Terrified she waited as it seemed to directly hit her home, worried about her home and dane as they weathered the storm outside her safe place. When all was quiet she expected the worst... Releif replaced terror as she realized her home and dane were fine. The story made me wonder....
Would Mocha follow us into the storm closet? What about my foster? With kids and dogs would we all fit? What if I wasn't home and the house sustained damage that left the dogs running loose? We have made Emergency Plans with the kids, gone over what to do, where to go, designated neighbors... but what about the dogs?
So I made a quick list of things to add to our Emergency Prep Plan:
MICRO CHIP. my foster and Mocha are both chipped and the registration is current. Are your pets chipped? Is your contact info current? Even your in the house kitty should be chipped.
Tags. I realized mocha's tag is hard to read... time for a new one.
Practice. Last night I tried to get mocha to follow me into the storm closet.. she did it but reluctantly. I am not cinvinced she would follow me under stress. Add that to our list of training duties.
FOSTER? I am moving the crate to an interior wall away from the windows.. and all fosters are going to have to practice going into the storm closet.

What do you do to get your pet prepared?

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