Another FURever home (AGAIN!)

Many of you know of the Weatherford Six who came to us earlier this year - two adult males and four ill puppies. Through the hard-work and love of our fosters and volunteers most of these Danes have found their furever homes with awesome families. Last week was Cash's turn, again. Cash was previously placed with a family who loved him dearly, but shortly after bringing him home they discovered he triggered life-threatening ashtma attacks for their little girl. Given the severity of the situation there was no choice but to bring Cash back to GDRNT. It broke my heart because this family LOVES Cash and the little girl LOVES Cash but after running out of all options it was clear. The health of this loving little girl had to take priority. As a mom of an asthmatic there was no way I could counsel them to do anything else. But for Cash there was another happy ending. Happily for Cash, an awesome family sent in an adoption application shortly after he came to back to his foster home. They were looking for a young Dane who would be a good friend for their kiddos, a Dane like Cash. Now he's settling into his new home with an awesome family, including some kiddos who love him. Once a dog comes into our program they are a GDRNT dane for life, like many rescues we have a liberal return policy. We work so hard to make good matches it does not happen often but when necessary any of our dogs are welcome back into our program. We work hard to screen applicants to assure they are ready and able to make a FURever commitment but like in this situation there was no way of knowing. So a big Thank YOU to all for another fabutastic FURever story!