WOW! Our adoption Team has been busy busy busy! We have already had 5 adoptions this week and today it was COLE's turn! This was a fun one because Cole's new family is another repeat adopter! Last fall this couple adopted from us and like so many they realized Danes can be like chips... hard to have just one! So when they applied to adopt again I was not surprised! Today we introduced Cole to their first GDRNT Dane and they are fast friends! I think it was love all around and now Cole has his very own FURever family. Cole came to rescue very sick and spent a week in ICU. His foster parents worked so hard with him and cared for him to make him well! You should see him now ! So lucky Cole went from a rockin Foster home to a fabutastic rockin FURever home!

A huge Thank you to all! I hope to see you all at Sambuca Wednesday!