another FURever home to..

It is Funny because I used to fret when a dog had a couple of adoption matches and not get picked. I now understand it is just the adoption powers telling me "nope you didn't get this one right". Such was Hank's story.. always the bridesmaid but never the bride sort of thing. It isn't that his previous matches were not great homes but for some reason the potential adopter was not as in love with Hank as I thought they would be.

Doubting my skills as "matchmaker" I talked to an approved family about Hank and my heart sank when I was met with silence on the phone. This is a military family and dad is currently serving our country, apparently Dad had a dream of Hank and the family took it as a sign that Hank was meant to be. This family trusted our match process and never mentioned wanting Hank but was hoping. When I gave them the match list and Hank was on it... they knew they had to meet Hank.

Sometimes we do an adoption and it is so obvious that the dog has picked a family at first sniff. That is what happened with Hank and his FURever family, mutual endearing love at first sniff.

A very special thank you to Hanks foster family for getting him ready and loving him enough to give him the gift of a FURever family. None of what we do would be possible without our foster homes!

So CONGRATS HANK on finding your FURever home!

PS THANK YOU to Captures by Erin in FW for donating her time and skills with professional pics of our fosters.