And They Lived Happily Ever After...

We have a bad joke in rescue... It seems like whenever one of us go out of town something crazy happens... and it usually isn't pretty.. Christmas Eve I am loading a plane to visit family and one of our young foster pups is sick and headed to the Emergency Room. Seriously... I mean it is Christmas Eve! Once at the Emergency Room the veterinary staff was great but our sweet Leon would be spending Christmas Eve in the hospital.
Christmas Day Leon was allowed to go home with a bunch of medication and after a ton of tests. While his foster family was excited to be able to bring him home Christmas Day we still did not know what was wrong with Leon and we sure did not know if he would be OK. All there was to do was watch him, give him the prescribed medication, and wait for the tests to all come back. Leon improved over the next couple of days as we waited.. and you thought your holiday was stressful!
All Leon's test results came back normal and we may never know what made him so sick but there was a silver lining in this cloud. Today we signed adoption paperwork and Leon is no longer a foster but a FURever Dane. After all they had been through together the foster family decided to make Leon an official member of their Family! So Conrats to Leon and his FURever home!