"Why?" Kristen Zekic November 2004


We used to play together
You called me your best friend
You said you’d be there for me
Until the very end
What happened to make you leave me?
What made you say goodbye?
Why did you leave me here?
Why can’t you tell me why?

Was it because I chewed your shoes?
Or was it because I pulled on the leash?
Was it because I grew too quickly?
Or was it because I ate the quiche

So now I lie here waiting
For you to come my way
I hope you do come soon
For this is my last day
No one wants a dog
As big and old as me
Do I deserve a home
What I’ve done wrong, I cannot see

So when the lady comes
To take me from my stall
I promise to follow gently
I will not fight at all
And when she puts me on the table
And inserts the cold syringe
I will not even cry
And I will not even cringe
Because then I will be happy
I will be in a better place
The cruel people in this world
I will no longer have to face
But before I go, I must ask
Just one last question…


Written by Kristen Zekic November 2004

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