When 97% is not an "A"

97% of the danes we take in are heart worm positive.. .. I did the math.... these days I am more surprised when a dog comes in heart worm negative. No joke. Combine this with the other common issues, mange, emaciation, cherry eye, respiratory infections and spay/neuters GDRNT spends an average of $1,000 a dog. We have some of the best vets in the area who treat our danes at substantial and sizable discounts. Granted not every dog costs that much but we have a few that have needed multiple surgeries, Sometimes it is a dane like William, who now lives the good life in FW, but needed both hips replaced to the tune of several thousand dollars. Or the Auggie and Blue who are now living large in east Texas, but required over two weeks in the animal hospital, heavy antibiotics and medication to fight off the chronic demodex and horrific secondary infections they came to rescue with. It is all money well spent and we would spend it again. None of this cost includes the tears, love, and herculean efforts of their foster homes.

The hardest part about so much of what we see is that it doesn't need to happen. Heartworms can be prevented (I know it isn't 100%, but it is pretty close), demodex when caught early is easy/inexpensive to treat; vaccinations can prevent distemper, parvo and bordetella; urinary infections when caught early are inexpensive to treat. There will always be the run-ins with cars, bad genetics and unavoidable hard luck stories that can't be prevented.

So today, please check the date of your fur kids last heart worm prevention and vaccinations and call your vet if they are out of date.