Take a Look at me NOW!

I was updating Norman's picture and trying to get some video of him added to his profile when I came across this video. In 2010 one of our FABUTASTIC volunteers did a video to play at our Diva's Dudes and Danes Auction. It features some of the Danes that have come through our program in years past. I have seen it many times and couldn't help watching it again. There are so many days when I wonder if we have an impact, if we can change the world a little bit for the better. This video illustrates that in some way we CAN make a difference...

As a 501c, all volunteer organization every dollar goes directly to the care and rehab of these danes. Every mile a volunteer drives transporting keeps danes off death row, every foster home saves a life. I personally think that is a step toward a better world.

Rising Above Great Dane Funding

Our previous adopters are eligible to apply for financial support if their Great Dane needs vet care that cannot be afforded due to economic hardship and extenuating circumstances; even if the adopters are outside of Rising Above’s coverage area.Rising Above Great Dane Funding | Facebook