Monthly Heartworm Prevention: More Important then Ever

Immiticide is the only FDA-approved drug available to treat dogs with heartworms and at the moment is nearly out of stock . The only manufacturer of Immiticide has currently stopped production because it cannot get active ingredients.

The shortage of medication can delay treatment of a dog who is diagnosed with heartworms, giving the parasite additional time to do damage. At the moment nobody knows when additional medication will be available or if there will be an increase in the cost of treatment.

For less than $10 a month you can provide your pet with protection against heartworms..... However in rescue 97% of the dogs that come into our program Heartworm positive and the immiticide shortage means we may have to find alternative less effective treatments, more expensive treatments or treatments that may take longer to eradicate the heartworms. Living with heartworms potentially allows for greater opportunity in which worms might block blood vessels and cause permanent health issues or even death for the dog.

If your pet is not on monthly heartworm prevention please contact your veterinarian today.


Heartworm treatment shortage

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