Micro Chips WORK!

A Dane is back home tired but safe because of a micro chip! Tonight we got a call from someone who found a great dane with a GDRNT microchip so they called us. When I looked up the chip I realized it was one of my adopters from a few years back and almost hung up on the good stranger trying to dial the adopters! When I got hold of them they had been looking for over two hours!

The nice person who found her was not far but the silly dane had managed to cross a very very busy road at dusk and who knows if she would have been able to get safely across if she tried to get home! So please please please keep current info on your pet, if you have a GDRNT microchip but have moved or changed phone number please let us know. For example if you have eliminated your land line, but still have it listed on your micro chip. We can update your GDRNT microchip for free. If you have another microchip please contact the chip company directly.

If you find a pet without obvious ID take it to a veterinary office, most will scan the animal free of charge!