Guess what Santa brought Allison?

Santa granted Allison's Christmas wish early!
 Allison has been with one of out awesome fosters for quite some time now, she had to undergo HW treatment and then several eye surgeries ... our foster her two sweet Danes and assorted other pets, not only tended to her illness but also her broken spirit.  Allison was overbred and discarded ... Her body and spirit worn down.....

Well a smarter person would have got some video of her tonight... Because the Allison who found her FURever home tonight was a happy, playful girl with a shiny coat, wagging tail and curious nose.  Bowing to play with her new doggy brother, gently sniffing the kitty and laying her head in a lap for some love!

Allison has found the perfect, loving FURever home tonight!  Wonder where Santa Paws will visit next?

A great big thank you to our fosters (and their furkids) for making FURever homes possible.