Don't be a Couch Potato.. Come to Danefest!

Come to Dogs Unleashed in Keller for Danefest 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. Today!
What to bring to DaneFest ....
• Your dog
• Vet records (if you have not pre-registered)
• Sunscreen
• Bugspray
• Folding chair(s)

It is a great opportunity to mingle with other like-minded people (i.e. people who will not think you are crazy for sharing your bed with 140lb dog)! We will be selling our soon to be world Famous Hamburgers and Hot Dogs!

Children are definitely welcome too! This is a very family-friendly event. Just keep in mind there will be A LOT of giant dogs and some kiddos might be a bit overwhelmed. Use your best judgment about how your child will respond to being licked and sniffed and bumped by gobs of Danes.

2740 Keller Hicks Road
Fort Worth, TX 76244-9610

(817) 431-4400