Danes are Targets Too!

I recently got a frantic call from a past adopter sharing a frightening story. Fence Gates of several homes on her street had been broken in with the specific intent of letting the dogs out!!! The motive is unclear but police have several theories ranging from a simple act of vanalism to home burglary.  
This  story had a happy ending courtesy of a dog loving police officer, a scan by Animal Control  and a MICROCHIP.   A loose dog can cover MILES in a day... you only have to think back to Dee Dee's story to know!  Dee Dee was found over 12 miles from where she was spotted! 

This is a good time to inspect your fence and gate.  Make sure your locks are in good order and that there are no holes or weak boards that can make for an easy escape. Check for items along both sides of that can be used to get over the fence. (another time I will tell you about a dane who used a wood pile to plot her escape:)