Best and Worst Jobs in Rescue

I have one of the best jobs in rescue. I get to do Adoption Meetings!!! This is when one of our fosters has overcome all the baggage they brought to rescue and is ready for a forever home. Sometimes it is simple as a spay or neuter and some shots; other times it can mean months of medical treatment, multiple surgeries, training of the most basic skills, and tons of patience and love of a foster home. On the magical day that they find their forever home it is all worth it.

Like many of our volunteers I have taken numerous trips and spent many hours in our local animal shelters. One of the worst parts of this job is walking out of a shelter with a dane we have saved and have to leave hundreds of other sweet furry faces behind. HUNDREDS is not exaggerating, in our bigger shelters it is HUNDREDS of dogs and cats that are left behind each day. Most of our area shelter staff do an amazing job at finding for, and caring for, an impossible number of discarded pets thrown in their wake. The story on our home page says it all..... EVERY EIGHT SECONDS an animal is euthanized because it could not find a home.... because a human simply did not care.

If you are considering adding a pet to your family it may seem easy to find a pet in an online classified listings, the pet store, or area "market" but then that will be one less home available to a shelter pet. To be confident that you are adopting from a shelter or dedicated rescue go to or where you can search by zip code, breed, size and age for the perfect addition to your family. You will not only be able to get information on availible pets but also on the volunteer organizations that are offering them for adoption. Most rescue groups will fully vaccinate, sterilize and treat any medical conditions of the dogs in their program and the sum of this veterinary care is usually less than the adoption fee.

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