This 4th of July

A great dane size "Thank You" to all those who have and continue to serve to protect the freedoms we have in this Country. An extra prayer to those families whose service means they are far apart today. ........ Did you know that dogs played a part in the revolutionary war?

When George Washington went off to fight the Revolutionary War, he brought along one of his own dogs. During the Revolution, dogs oftentimes accompanied their masters into battle. They were a very important part of a soldier’s life as they provided companionship, protection against wild animals, and they could also help to hunt food.
After the Battle of Germantown, General Washington came across a little dog wandering around. He was very friendly and he was wearing a collar and a tag. It was quite a surprise to learn that the pooch belonged to the enemy – British General William Howe!

Washington decided to return the dog to General Howe. He just had to figure out how he was going to do that. Washington had Alexander Hamilton (at that time, his aide-de-camp) write a note to General Howe. The note was tucked into the dog’s collar and a truce was then arranged where both sides flew white flags. With all fighting stopped, the dog was delivered to the side of the British.

When General Howe got his dog back, he was very impressed by Washington’s honorable act. When he removed the dog’s collar he read the following note: “General Washington’s compliments to General Howe. He does himself the pleasure to return him a dog, which accidentally fell into his hands, and by the inscription on the Collar appears to belong to General Howe”