A Perfect Fit!

Sometimes things just come together perfectly. Cheyenne’s foster is also the volunteer who did the home visit for her furever family, and she knew immediately that she’d found the perfect home for Cheyenne. Although our volunteers try to be impartial (we all think we have the best foster ever!), sometimes you can’t deny the perfect fit. So, she made the suggestion to our adoption coordinator who agreed it was a perfect match! The only obstacle was that Cheyenne was recovering from hookworms and needed to be medically cleared before she could move to her furever home. Her adopter waited patiently for Cheyenne to be cleared, and once our veterinarian gave the go-ahead, Cheyenne moved to her furever home!

Now, Cheyenne is the only child in a Dane-savvy home. She gets all the attention she could want, and she has a better wardrobe than most of us!

Congratulations to Cheyenne and her new mom!