Lenny Hit the Jackpot (and just in time for Christmas!)

Lenny came to rescue heartworm positive and with a nasty pressure sore on his leg. He was a senior Dane in rough shape and needing a lot of TLC. Through the patient care of his foster mom and our veterinarians, he received treatment for the wound and underwent heartworm treatment. His gentle temperament quickly won over his foster mom, and we were all hopeful he would soon find a furever home.

This Christmas, Santa gave Lenny his greatest wish - an amazing furever home! Recently, a past adopter contacted GDRNT in search of a move-in ready Dane, a Dane like Lenny. This past adopter provides a fabulous home for his Danes and has a soft spot for seniors. It made our hearts sing to know that Lenny hit the jackpot. Lenny even gets to go to work with his dad, and from what we're told, he's a hit at the office.

Congratulations to Lenny and his new dad!