Great Big Dogs, Great Big Expenses

At GDRNT we are committed to rescuing dogs from shelters who would not otherwise have a chance at a furever home. Frequently, this means we take in dogs with big medical needs and big medical bills. Most frequently, that translates to heartworm treatment, but it is not uncommon to take in a dog that needs orthopedic surgery to correct an old injury or congenital malformation.

Kadie is a sweet pup in need of an FHO – a femoral head osteotomy. Basically, a veterinarian needs to go in and reshape the bones at her hip joint so they fit together properly and allow her a more normal range of movement. Surgery will alleviate her pain and allow her to move with a more normal gait. This means she will not have to compensate as much with other joints, placing less pressure on those joints and causing less secondary damage. All around, it adds up to a better quality of life for this sweet pup.

Why am I telling you all this? GDRNT relies on donations to care for the dogs in our program. Thursday is North Texas Giving Day. Donations pledged ahead of time or made on Thursday are eligible for matching donations. This means that each donation goes further to help the dogs in our program. Please consider donating through