A Safe Place to Rest His Head

We do not often get puppies in rescue, and when we do, we never know if they will be full Dane. Kellyn and his littermates were found in a rural area with their momma, Emily, and we were asked to take them in. While their momma is a Dane, we have no idea what kind of dog the dad is. We only know that he must be big because these pups are growing like weeds!

Shortly after arriving in rescue, Kellyn's sisters were diagnosed with parvovirus. This nasty virus is typically preventable with proper vaccinations, but, sadly, it claimed the life of one of the girls and left the other two fighting to survive. Somehow, Kellyn managed to avoid getting sick, while Whitney and Sarah fought their way back to health with the help of an emergency veterinarian.

We received an application from someone whose parents used to foster for us when he was younger. He remembered how awesome Danes are and had fond memories of caring for fosters until they found their furever homes. Now, he was ready for his furever Dane, err Dane-mix. Now, Kellyn has an awesome home with a fur-sister and humans who adore him.