Lovely Lacey Finds a Home

Great Danes eat great amounts of food, sort of. Surprising as this is for many people, a Great Dane can over-eat and become overweight. Sweet Lacey came to rescue in need of a diet. Our veterinarian ruled out physiological causes for her excess weight and determined it was simply a case of too much food. Luckily for Lacey, one of our fosters is a registered dietician and was excited to help Lacey regain her svelte figure!

Once Lacey’s diet was under control, she began to slowly drop the excess weight. Unfortunately, quick weight loss for an overweight pet may lead to additional health risks. In order for Lacey to remain healthy while reaching an ideal weight, she needed to slowly decrease in size. Lacey’s foster mom did a fabulous job of monitoring her progress to maintain a healthy rate of loss!

Now, Lacey has a fabulous furever home where her human is committed to Lacey’s weight-loss plan, and she has a dog-pal to keep her company.