Iris is Counting Her Blessings!

Iris is a sweet, senior lady who came to rescue in search of a better life. Her first six years were rough, and it was no surprise that she was heartworm positive at intake. With a little love and some veterinary care, Iris underwent heartworm treatment and began her journey back to health. Now, she is heartworm negative and has a fabulous home with another dog to keep her company in her golden years.

Her new family recently sent in this heart-warming update:

“Iris is really coming along. She is use to our routine and even walks to her bed when its 10pm without being told.  She loves being able to go in and out the doggy door whenever she wants.  She saw an animal (I thought it was a frog)  and she took off running after it in the yard.  I have never seen her move so fast! LOL... She will even sit and offer her paw to try to get extra attention, She loves her walks, we go every day so she can keep getting stronger. As soon as I pick up the leash she comes over and tips her head down. She is a true Velcro Dane, I am learning to check behind me before turning so we don't trip over each other.”

Congratulations to Iris and her new family!