Angel's Guardian Angels

We do not get many young puppies in rescue. A “puppy” is usually between six months and a year old by the time they land at a shelter and need our help. When a shelter calls us for a young puppy, there is usually something very special that he or she needs. Such was the case with Angel.

A local shelter asked us to take in Angel after she was found as a stray with a nasty injury to her mouth. She was almost too young to be away from her mother and needed immediate veterinary attention. One of our experienced foster homes stepped in and followed our veterinarian’s instructions to get her on the road to recovery and a happy puppyhood.

As Angel’s wound began to heal, our veterinarian warned that she may need on-going care. The visible wounds were healing nicely, but it was not possible to determine how much internal damage would persist. We knew Angel needed a special home that could provide for her long-term care.

When a past adopter and foster asked about Angel, we were hopeful. We knew this home would monitor her progress and work with their veterinarian if she needed more care. Angel moved to their home as a foster until she was medically released and fit in immediately.

Now, Angel is a happy puppy who has a Dane brother and human kiddos to keep her busy. Congratulations to Angel and her new family!