Travelling With a Giant Dog

Have you ever taken your Dane on a trip? How did you go about finding lodging for a giant dog? I was faced with this very question last weekend when my a/c went out. It was too warm to stay in the house during the day even with fans going, and it was going to take several days to get the parts needed to complete the repair. We tried to find a hotel, but it was challenging to find lodging that would take a giant dog, even a puppy that isn't yet 100+ lbs. The main challenge was that we were searching at the last minute and hadn't really looked into lodging options before. The only time we've traveled with pets was with our two cats when we moved back to Texas. That was a well-planned trip with plenty of time to research lodging options.

There are many pet-friendly hotel chains, but the trick is to find one that will take a giant breed dog. Many places have weight limits that even the smallest Danes easily surpass. Finding a place at the last minute was difficult enough that we ended up doing what we could to keep Daphne comfortable at home until we could get her into boarding somewhere on Monday.

If anyone has tips for Dane-friendly lodging feel free to share them. Specific suggestions and website links are both helpful. Here are a couple of websites I found in my search:

Some of the places listed include their weight limits on the site, but you may want to call specific places to confirm whether they accept giant dogs. Both sites lists LaQuinta, and I confirmed that they will accept giant dogs.

As far as Daphne's travels go the a/c was repaired mid-week, she had fun at Dogs Unleashed and is now happy to be home.